Russia pre-1917 - further reading guide

Bloody Sunday, Russia 1905

libcom's guide to further reading on Russia before 1917, including the Russian revolution of 1905.

Submitted by Steven. on January 29, 2010

1905 - Trotsky
My Life - Trotsky
The Prophet Unarmed - Deutscher (bio. of Trotsky)
Lenin, Vol. 1,2 - T. Cliff
Roots of Rebellion – Bonnell
The Russian Worker – Bonnell
Moscow, 1905 – L. Engelstein
The Russian Revolution of 1905 – Schwarz
The Making of a Workers’ Revolution: Russian Social Democracy - Wildman
Collected Works of Lenin, Vol. 1-23
On The Eve of 1917 - A. Shlyapnikov
The Balkan Wars - Trotsky
In War's Great Shadow - W. Bruce Lincoln
The Russians Before The Great War - W. Bruce Lincoln
Russian Factory Women – R. Glickman
The Development of Capitalism in Russia – Lenin
Russian Factory Women – R. Glickman
A Radical Worker in Tsarist Russia - Zelnik