Russia pre-1917 - further reading guide

Bloody Sunday, Russia 1905

libcom's guide to further reading on Russia before 1917, including the Russian revolution of 1905.

Submitted by Steven. on January 29, 2010

1905 - Trotsky
My Life - Trotsky
The Prophet Unarmed - Deutscher (bio. of Trotsky)
Lenin, Vol. 1,2 - T. Cliff
Roots of Rebellion – Bonnell
The Russian Worker – Bonnell
Moscow, 1905 – L. Engelstein
The Russian Revolution of 1905 – Schwarz
The Making of a Workers’ Revolution: Russian Social Democracy - Wildman
Collected Works of Lenin, Vol. 1-23
On The Eve of 1917 - A. Shlyapnikov
The Balkan Wars - Trotsky
In War's Great Shadow - W. Bruce Lincoln
The Russians Before The Great War - W. Bruce Lincoln
Russian Factory Women – R. Glickman
The Development of Capitalism in Russia – Lenin
Russian Factory Women – R. Glickman
A Radical Worker in Tsarist Russia - Zelnik



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Submitted by adri on July 10, 2023

Boris Gorshkov's works are definitely worth checking out as far as the Russian peasantry goes, especially his Peasants in Russia from Serfdom to Stalin. He's also edited a memoir of a Russian serf entitled A Life under Russian Serfdom: Memoirs of Savva Dmitrievich Purlevskii (1800-1868) (it's available from the publisher here).