Riff-Raff No. 8: Communist Theory Beyond the Ultra-Left

Issue 8 of Riff-Raff, a Swedish journal influenced by left communist and autonomist Marxist strains, published in autumn 2006.

The main part of this issue is dedicated to a presentation of the group Théorie communiste and their attempt to, with the help of a periodisation of and with the magnifying glass next to capital and the class struggle, try to understand the content and meaning of the historically past cycles of struggles as well as the current situation. As usual, we look at what a proletarian revolution has to be today, what openings to communism that can emerge as a response to the exploitation by capital. In connection to this, we come in contact with the ‘communising current’ – what is it and what does it want? In a second part follows a debate around Marcel’s text from the last issue and a discussion on the crisis–collapse problematic. The last part make up the Marx–Engels series in which we this time is coming with fresh Swedish translations of two letters by Marx and a selection from The holy family.

-riff-raff: Introduction

Communist Theory Beyond the Ultra-left
-Aufheben: Introduction: The workers’ movement, communism and the ultra-left

-Théorie communiste: Background and Perspective

-Théorie communiste: Communist Theory

-Aufheben: Decadence: The theory of decline or the decline of theory (reprise)

-Théorie communiste: Aufheben’s ‘Decadence’: A response

-Théorie communiste: From ‘Pour en finir avec la critique du travail’

-Aufheben: A reply to Théorie communiste

-A former member of Aufheben: Introduction to ‘A reply to Aufheben’

-Théorie communiste: A reply to Aufheben

-Théorie communiste: Normative History and the Communist Essence of the Proletariat. Critique of ‘When Insurrections Die’ by Gilles Dauvé

-Meeting: Invitation

-Gilles Dauvé: Communisation: A ‘Call’ and An ‘Invitation’ (No English translation)

-Roland Simon & riff-raff: Interview with Roland Simon

-Théorie communiste: Self-organisation is the first act of the revolution; it then becomes an obstacle which the revolution has to overcome.

-Théorie communiste / Alcuni fautori della comunizzazione: A fair amount of killing

-Per Henriksson: Communism as refusal and attack. Some notes on ‘Communism of Attack and Communism of Withdrawal’

-Björkhagengruppen: On the Critique of Political Economy. Critical reflections around ‘Communism of Attack and Communism of Withdrawal’

-Marcel: Attack/Withdrawal

-Chris Wright: Crisis, Constitution and Capital

Marx/Engels series
-Karl Marx / Friedrich Engels: (Excerpts from) The Holy Family or Critique of Critical Criticism. Against Bruno Bauer and Company

-Karl Marx: Letter to Ferdinand Freiligrath in London, 29 February 1860

-Karl Marx: Letter to Wilhelm Blos in Hamburg, 10 November 1877