Chris Wright

Stupid regulators and greedy financiers or business as usual? - Chris Wright

Occupation of Zuccotti Park - New York, 2011

As the occupy movement in the US this week shifts its attention from the shiny crystallisations of high finance to the hubs of material circulation, Chris Wright reviews Paul Mattick Jr.'s book, Business as Usual, and asks: what is missed by shouting down only one aspect of capitalism?

Misunderstanding Marx from the Beginning: Notes on the Three Peculiarities of the Equivalent Form in Vol. 1 of Capital

(In memory of Cyril Smith, whose translation correction led to a close reading and consideration of this material.)

Critical Comments in the NEFAC Workplace Position Paper

On September 11 and "Against the Double Tragedy"

Chris Wright on the September 11 attacks and the statement "Against the Double Tragedy" put out by News and Letters.

Why Leninism is not Red Fascism - Appendix to Contra State and Revolution

Lenin and Stalin

Chris Wright discusses the roots of Leninism in Social Democracy and attempts to deal with some of the more simplistic criticisms levelled against it.

Contra State and Revolution

Chris Wright's critique of Lenin's conception of the state in State and Revolution.

Revolutionary reading guide - Chris Wright

Book in a fist

A massive reading guide divided up by topic and geographical area compiled by Chris Wright.

A libertarian Marxist tendency map

This tendency map was produced by Chris Wright for, now part of the library - it is designed to trace some of the important tendencies in libertarian Marxism. Contains a brief written history with links to key individuals, groups and publications, and a graphic map.