Riff-Raff No. 9: Communisation

Issue 9 of Riff-Raff, a Swedish journal influenced by left communist and autonomist Marxist strains, published in spring 2011.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on March 6, 2012

This issue is about the communist revolution of today: communisation, the process in which the proletariat abolishes its own conditions of existence, i.e. all that which determines the proletariat as a class: property, exchange, work, the State, etc. The issue is divided into four parts. In the first one we discuss communisation as a revolutionary perspective today, as well as the origins of the concept. The second part is devoted to Marcel and the journal Dissident and their particular view of communisation. In the third part we try to get a grip on history and examine more closely the revolutionary movements of the past. The fourth and last part consists of a text which examines capital’s restructuring in detail – a number of transformations which together laid the foundation of a new relation between the classes and thus of a new revolutionary perspective.


-Peter Åström: Crisis and communisation

-Théorie Communiste: The communisation perspective

-Tarona: Bolshevism without a party: A revolutionary posture

-Bernard Lyon & Roland Simon: Comments on Marcel’s text “Communism of attack, and communism of withdrawal”

-Peter Åström: When everything goes black, that’s when you turn pale. Re: Dissident 3, the introduction

-Per Henriksson: Marcel Crusoe’s ex-communists in Intermundia. Notes on the discussion about communisation

-Théorie Communiste: Much ado about nothing

-Xavier Girrard: Communization and History: Thoughts about the debate

-Peter Åström: One step forward but just as far from the goal. Re: Xavier Girrard’s text

-Théorie Communiste: Proletariat and Capital: An all-too-short love story?

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Submitted by Juan Conatz on March 6, 2012

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