Riff-Raff No. 5: Whither the World, To Work or Not to Work? Is that the Question?

Issue 5 of Riff-Raff, a Swedish journal influenced by left communist and autonomist Marxist strains, published in autumn-winter 2003.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on June 5, 2011

Gilles Dauvé and Karl Nesic are two French communists from the journal Troploin. Their revolutionary perspective is here introduced for the first time for a Swedish audience in an introduction and two articles: one summary of the state of the world and one historical survey of the ideology of work and workers’ struggle. In the second part of this issue the theme of ‘class, war and the new world order’ continues. The German journal Wildcat writes about the war as a war against the oil proletariat and with reference to this we try to analyse what part the oil rent plays in this. Finally, a book from Kämpa tillsammans! called Vi vill ha allting! (‘We want everything!’) is reviewed.


1. Editorial – Communist Perspectives
No English translation.

Class struggle in history and today
2. Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic: Whither the World
September 11, 2001 has brought about a new consensus: the anti-US attacks are described, as the price capitalism has to pay for its over-triumph.
3. Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic: To Work or Not to work? Is that the Question?
A historical failure. That could be a blunt but not too unfair summary of the communist movement 154 years after Marx’s and Engels’s Manifesto.

Class War, Proletariat, Oil Rent
4. Class, War and the New World Order: Part II
With the initiation of a discussion on class, war and the New World Order as expressions of the capitalist crisis, we tried to propose a framework based on the material foundation for the hegemonical struggle in general, and the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan in particular.
5. Wildcat: War Against the Oil Proletariat
No English translation.

6. Inspiring Ground to the Revolutionary Theory: A Review of the New Book by Kämpa tillsammans!
No English translation.