International Council Correspondence Volume 4, Number 5

Living Marxism/International Council Correspondence, Vol. 4, no. 5, November 1938


•The World War in the Making
◦Czechoslovakia – the Stepping Stone
◦The Future of the Danube
◦“They Dress Like Mourners, Yet Rejoice”
◦American “Isolation”
◦We Are All Marxists Now
•Lenin’s Philosophy (Some additional remarks to J. Harper’s recent criticism of Lenin’s book Materialism and Empirio-Ctiticism) / l.h. [=Karl Korsch
◦Leninism Goes West
◦Leninism versus Machism
◦The Present Impact of Lenin’s Materialistic Philosophy
•General Remarks on the Question of Organization / J. Harper [=Anton Pannekoek]
•A “Marxian” Approach to the Jewish Question
•The Workers' Alliance

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