Xtra! #3 1980

Xtra 3 cover
Xtra 3 cover

Issue 3 of Xtra! from 1980.

A compressed version of the scan made available by the comrades at Sparrows Nest, Nottingham.

Submitted by Fozzie on July 18, 2020

Contents include:

  • Russian invasion of Afghanistan
  • Ronan Bennett arrested
  • New anarchist centre in London (Wapping Autonomy Centre)
  • Martin Wright responds to discusson in the previous issue about an anarcho-feminist conference in London
  • Moscow Olympics (contrasting civil rights in Russia and Thatcher's Britain)
  • Catering and hotel workers - unions, shit conditions etc
  • IQ tests banned in California - but to be replaced by freakish brainwave measurement?
  • Community Newspapers - local radical rags SE1 and Leeds Other Paper
  • Legal self-help: commitals + thoughts on courts
  • Agreeing to disagree (anarchist movement)
  • Shoplifiting: A Guide For The Revolutionary Consumer
  • Ronan Bennett and Iris Mills interviewed about their recent arrests (Persons Unknown trial etc)
  • Crass - broadly positive introduction to anarchist punk band
  • Charles Shaar Murray - rock journalist interviewed
  • Politics and film
  • The Platform of the Organisation of Armchair Terrorists
  • Friends of Garbage (satire)
  • Contacts
  • Garish overprinted back page that includes some tips for disrupting meetings


xtra-issue-3.pdf (30.15 MB)