Xtra! #4 1980

Issue 3 of Xtra! from 1980.

A compressed version of a scan made available by the comrades at Sparrows Nest, Nottingham.

Submitted by Fozzie on July 18, 2020


  • Pigs Routed - Bristol riots
  • A despondent union member writes
  • letter from a far-right anti-car odd-bod
  • Strollin' - CND march contrasted with NF march and the anarchist disruption of the enthronement of an Archbishop
  • Wildcat strike by female workers at Chix sweet factory in Slough
  • Anti-Militarism in World War 1 and now
  • Why capitalist economics spell war
  • Fare-dodging on the London Underground
  • Towards A Revolutionary Intervention centrespread. Round up - anarchist bloc on TUC march, disruption of Miss Oxford beauty contest, anarchists and autonomists disrupt Paul Foot/Tony Benn/Tariq Ali snoozefest (including forging tickets)
  • Defence of Syndicalist Methods - history of anarchist movement in the UK, introducing Direct Action Movement
  • Unions and Race
  • Legal self-help - Bail: why you won't get it
  • Legalise McDonalds campaign (satire)
  • Censorship of films on TV
  • Contacts/events
  • Satirical piece describing mainstream political movements as pop groups
  • Review: Accidental Death of an Anarchist - "the worst play I have ever seen".


xtra-issue-4.pdf (29.8 MB)