Xtra! #5 1980

5th issue of Xtra! from either late 1980.

A compressed version of the scan made available by the comrades at Sparrows Nest, Nottingham.

Submitted by Fozzie on July 18, 2020


  • "You Are The Bosses!" - disruption of TUC "Day of Action" rally including leaflet entitled "Smash the unions and the left, Smash the bosses and the state, Proletarian Autonomy for the Social Revolution!" and a punch up.
  • A fare dodger writes
  • Aftermath of Bristol riots
  • Disclosure of information by firms - a two edged sword
  • May Day rally in Nottingham review
  • Legal self-help - resistance in prison
  • Attempted occupation of Torness nuclear reactor in Scotland
  • Disruption of the coronation of Queen Beatrix in the Netherlands
  • What do they mean by Monetarism, anyway?
  • Drugs: pros, cons and hash shortbread recipe
  • Time Out magazine and hip capitalists
  • Arts Council and elitism
  • Anarcha-feminism
  • A guide to CS gas
  • The revolutionary power of music?
  • Contacts
  • Classified ads
  • Worthing anarchists disrupt mayoral inauguration


xtra-issue-5.pdf (28.08 MB)