Do Or Die #9 2001

9th issue of Do Or Die from 2001. 236 pages. Contents below.

"Do or Die—Riding the Stannah stairlift of bitter experience to the granny flat of utter futility since 1992"

PDF courtesy of the Do Or Die archive.

Submitted by Fozzie on May 12, 2021

Full contents:

Prague, September 2000

  • Introduction
  • On the Attack in Prague! Against the IMF and World Bank
  • Pink and Silver Route Report: Dancing into Danger.
  • Blue Route Report: Block Rocking Beats.
  • Yellow Route Report: Ya Basta(rds)!
  • Pink and Silver on the Warpath: Here Comes the Barmy Army!
  • Time to Take The Gloves Off: Fuck the Civil, Let's get Disobedient!
  • Communications in Prague: Co-ordination of information for the day was going to be vital...
  • Bashing the GE-nie back in the Bottle: Borders no barrier to sabotage. The global fight against biotech.
  • Struggles South of the Pyrenees: Reports from radical social movements in the Spanish state.
  • The Spanish Revolution: The Civil War of 1936-39.
  • Reflections on Biocentrism: Impressions of EF! UK by a roving American.
  • State of Terror: Getting to grips with the new Terrorism Bill.
  • Action Stations! An A-Z of top tips for planning direct action.
  • May Day: Guerilla? Gardening? The RTS action in London on May Day.
  • Big Tree Picture: A picture of a big tree, and something from John Milton.
  • Black Autonomy: Civil rights, the Blank Panthers and Today: An interview with two ex-Panthers.
  • Burning all Illusions: LA Insurrection 1965/1992.
  • Animal Antics: Beasts bite back!
  • Running to Stand Still: Globalisation, blagging and the dole.
  • The Ballad of the Black Hooded Top: Why we shouldn't confuse our politics with our dress sense.

Resisting the WTO: November 30th 1999

  • Introduction
  • November 30th, 1999: A Global Day of Action, Resistance, and Carnival: The original proposal for the Global Day of Action.
  • Interview with a woman who has been involved in Earth First! (EF!) in the States over the past few years and was involved in the mobilisation against the WTO last year.
  • An extract from a communiqué published by one section of the black bloc in Seattle on November 30th.
  • This Is What Anarchy Looks Like (!?) Reflections On Mass Protest In Amerika.
  • Countdown to the Battle of Seattle: An Incomplete Chronology.
  • Vampire Alert! The Revolution will not be Bolshevised.
  • Resources and Further Reading: A listing of various magazines, books, websites, and videos covering the
    Seattle protests.
  • It's all Kicking Off! A radical history of football.
  • Carry on Camping: News from the UK's direct action camps.
  • Amazonian Adventures! A report from the 1999 Encuentro in Brasil.
  • Give up Activism: Now with a new postscript!
  • Give up Activism - Postscript: A new postscript by the author of 'Give up Activism' responding to some criticisms of the original article.
  • Rebelling Against our Domestication! Realising our desires and moving towards a feral revolution.
  • The Lowdown on Lockdown: Reports from networks striking back against the prison state.
  • The Indomitable Gaul: World's greatest prison escapes No.1: Jacques Mesrine.
  • Prisoners of War: Listings of UK and international prisoners to support.
  • Beaten Up, Fitted Up, Locked Up: Mark Barnsley and the Pomona Incident - A Miscarriage of Justice.
  • Redemption: A striking and moving cartoon about prisoner Leonard Peltier.
  • Prisoner Support Groups: UK and International.


  • Against the Megamachine: Essays on Empire and its Enemies, by David Watson
  • Beasts of Burden: Capitalism - Animals - Communism
  • Wild Britain: A Traveller's Guide, by Douglas Botting
  • Cultures of Resistance, by [email protected]
  • Guy Debord, by Anselm Jappe
  • Elements of Refusal, by John Zerzan
  • On Organisation, by Jacques Camatte
  • The Zapatistas: A Rough Guide
  • Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left: Interviews and Essays 1993-1998, by Murray Bookchin
  • SchQUALL
  • Letters: All the news! All the feuds! Your deranged scribblings neatly typed out and given sarcastic subheaders by us.
  • Contacts: Contacts so you can get in on the hot group action...


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1909: The Barcelona revolt

Barcelona in flames during the revolt
Barcelona in flames during the revolt

A brief history of a successful general strike and rebellion in Barcelona.

Submitted by Ed on September 8, 2006

The spontaneous revolution Spanish anarchists had long hoped for seemed to have started on Monday 26th July 1909 when Barcelona was shut down by a massive general strike. The revolt started after the government called up military reservists to fight in Morocco. Mindful of a recent history of horrendous military campaigns, workers immediately responded to the call for a general strike. Those on strike poured into the streets in protest, trams were overturned, communications cut and troop trains held up by women sitting on the rails. The anarchist Anselmo Lorenzo wrote to a friend saying:

"What is happening here is amazing. A social revolution has broken out in Barcelona and it has been started by the people. No one has instigated it. No one has led it. Neither Liberals, nor Catalan Nationalists, nor Republicans, nor Socialists, nor Anarchists."

By Tuesday Barcelona was in the hands of the people, by Thursday the army and police had mounted a counter-attack and barricades were thrown up in the streets to stop them. Behind the barricades there was mass looting. However, by the end of the week the government had regained control.

What surprised the Barcelona workers themselves the most about the uprising was the immediate success of the general strike that had started it off, and it was out of this week-long uprising that the CNT was born as an amalgamation of all the already existing anarchist and libertarian unions.

Taken from Do or Die! #9