Do Or Die #10 2003

Final issue of Do Or Die from 2003. 384 pages, contents below.

"Do or Die - Digging out the avalanche of capitalism with the spatula of activism since 1992."

PDF courtesy of the Do Or Die archve.

Submitted by Fozzie on May 13, 2021

Full contents:

  • Down with Empire! Up with Spring! After over a decade of radical ecological resistance in Britain, it's time to look back on our actions and look forward to our future.
  • SHAC Attack! Targeting companies animal rights style. One by one the animal abusers are picked off... strategic lessons from the hard-hitting SHAC campaign.
  • My Heroes Always Killed Cowboys! An interview with Rod Coronado: radical American Indian eco-activist talks about sinking whaling ships and the spiritual value of sabotage.
  • Reaping the Whirlwind Action reports and suggestions for our war of sabotage against the biotech industry.
  • Don't Mention the War! The new book from our fellow Brightonians at SchNEWS is dedicated to the global resistance to the war.
  • Animal Antics: Beating the bipeds! Our comrades from the animal nations hit back...
  • Movement as Monoculture? Outreaching the cliquè. A personal view on becoming involved in eco-action.
  • Fanning the Flames! The Earth Liberation Front in North America. Why you should jack in your job and start burning shit down.
  • Columbia: The third world war has already started!
  • Plan Columbia's New Canal: 'Empire of death' for the river people.
  • Life's a Beach: The archipelago of Kuna Yala. Indigenous autonomy in Panama.
  • Blatant Product Placement: San Francisco's Police Department claims Red Bull helps them fight communists and anarchists.
  • Plan Puebla Panama: Grassroots resistance to neoliberalism in Mesoamerica.
  • Mapuche Land: Mapuche Life: Indigenous resistance in Chile.
  • United Hearts and a Fighting Fist: The struggles of the landless of Guatemala.
  • Pipeline vs. Treesit? No Contest! Resistance to oil in Ecuador.
  • Cloudforest Tree-Sit Journal: Account of the Ecuadorian tree-sit against an oil pipeline.
  • Mujeres Creando: The anarcho-feminism of the streets in Bolivia.
  • Bolivia: Insurrection Now! Young Bolivian anarchists speak out.
  • No Second Slavery! Miners and maroons in Surinam. The story of the Jungle Commandos.
  • Our Bodies, Our Lives! Feminist health, healing and herbs.
  • Space Invaders: Social dis-centres or stable bases for radical political culture? Includes a list of UK social centres and autonomous spaces.
  • South Pacific Solidarity: Actions in support of indigenous ecological and libertarian struggles in the Pacific.
  • Plunder on the Barbary Coast: The occupation of Western Sahara and the resistance to it.
  • Carry on Kabylia! Report on the anti-state uprising in Algeria.
  • Carry on Camping! Up trees, down tunnels and in the face of developers everywhere. The resurgence of camp based resistance.
  • Fuelling Conflict: Taking on the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline. A preparatory offensive against global oil's latest infrastructure.
  • Without a Trace: The anonymous history of everyday small scale resistance to the machinery of oppression.
  • Return to Paradise: What would really happen if London went back to nature? How would it look in 5, 50 and 500 years? How would nature take control again?
  • Size Isn't Everything: The pygmies of the West African rainforest: living with the anarchic hunter-gatherers of the Congo basin rainforest.
  • Wild Play: Radical ecological education for kids. Includes an interview with a Zapatista education worker.
  • Peat Alert! Digger-diving, machine sabbing and carnivorous plants! The successful direct action campaign to defend Britain's world important raised peat bogs.
  • Insurrectionary Anarchy! You won't get your liberation from anyone else. Here's the theory from those fighting for themselves, and for revolution now!
  • Sense of Place: A meditation on the wild and windswept ridge that is the little-known Stiperstones in Shropshire.
  • Hunt Sabotage: Getting out in the country, saving foxes and annoying the land-owning elite. What better way to spend your weekends?
  • Occupational Hazards: An interview with an activist from the International Solidarity Movement about the reality of solidarity work in Palestine.
  • Preparing for Prison: Ex-prisoner Mark Barnsley gives some good advice for those who may end up locked up.
  • Prisoners of War: They're in there for us, we're out here for them. Friends and comrades inside who need our support.
  • The Blake Escape: In 1966, the most notorious prisoner in Britain was miraculously sprung from jail. Here's the dramatic story.
  • Zine Scene Revolution: The world of those Xerox crazy kids sniffing toner in the office after closing time.

Book Reviews

  • The Battle of Seattle: The New Challenge to Capitalist Globalization
  • A Language Older than Words, by Derrick Jensen
  • Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerrilla, by Ann Hansen
  • The Many-Headed Hydra: Sailors, Slaves, Commoners and the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic
  • Running on Emptiness: The Pathology Of Civilization, by John Zerzan
  • My Name is Chellis & I'm in Recovery from Western Civilisation, by Chellis Glendinning
  • Bloody Hell: The Price Soldiers Pay, by Dan Hallock
  • Wrench Your Head (Fiction Reviews) - Fed up with facts? Had it up to here with theory? Here's a bunch of made up stuff that's a whole lot more real than most non-fiction!
  • Consume these Products! Listings of some of the radical books, zines and bits of propaganda that have caught our eyes over the last year or so.
  • Lettuce to the Cabbage: Our much loved and loathed letters pages. Increasingly populated by loonies...
  • Contacts: Six pages of addresses for eco-direct action groups, anarchist networks, radical publications and everything inbetween.
  • re-pressed distribution (Advert) Re-pressed is a non-profit, green anarchist orientated book distribution and publishing project.