London Workers Group Bulletin #7 Jan 1980

cover of LWG bulletin 7: Bus condcutor with speech bubble "The best thing about the 1980s is that they won't be as bad as the 1990s.

Issue 7 of the LWG bulletin including: print unions face new technology, postal work - report, report on Direct Action Movement conference, critique of syndicalism, musicians with disabilities, health and safety, response to article on the CNT in bulletin 6.

Submitted by Fozzie on April 1, 2022


Mair Waring

2 years ago

Submitted by Mair Waring on April 4, 2022

Thanks for putting these up :)

Some of these pictures border on being illegible due to blurriness (such as the article criticising syndicalism). Not sure if anything can be done about this - no worries if not.


2 years ago

Submitted by Fozzie on April 4, 2022

Thanks Mair - these are the best we have for now I think. I don’t have copies myself.