The Raven #13: Anarchists in Eastern Europe

Cover of The Raven issue 13 with an illustration by Clifford Harper showing a man with a black flag on horseback

An issue of The Raven from January 1991 including articles on Anarchists in Eastern Europe, Nestor Makhno and anarchism in Ukraine, Chomsky's anarchism and a reprint of a letter from David Koven.


  • Editorial
  • Introduction - Andrew Hedgecock
  • East: a freedom workshop
  • Nestor Makhno: a mini historiography of the anarchist movement in Ukraine 1917-1921
  • Letter to an Old Friend - David Koven
  • Chomsky's anarchism - Peter Marshall
  • Comments on The Raven 12 "On Communication"

Cover illustration by Clifford Harper, from Anarchy: a graphic guide.


TheRaven13.pdf (5.5 MB)