Community Action Gathering - 18 June 2005

Archived web feature on the UK Community Action Gathering on 18 June 2005.

This special event has been called by a number of independent, radical, anti-authoritarian local groups around the country who’ve been active in supporting their communities, and in particular working class local issues and campaigns. Flyer here.

Saturday June 18th
11.15am– 5.30pm

Oxford House,
Bethnal Green Road, London E2
Tube: Bethnal Green, Central line
Buses: 8, 388, D3, 253, 106

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    The event has been jointly organised by the following groups:

  • Hackney Independent
  • Haringey Solidarity Group
    Any questions, email or write to
    CA c/o HSG, P.O.Box 2474, London N8

    Want to attend? Contact the Gathering group, as above for more information or to arrange accomodation for Friday or Saturday night.

    Like you, we are trying to stand up for our interests, our conditions and our environment, and to build up solidarity and community spirit in our own towns and communities.

    This includes defending public facilities and green spaces, trying to improve housing conditions, campaigning for traffic calming, opposing destructive regeneration and development projects and so on.

    Activists organise or participate in leafleting, newsletters, open meetings and campaigns, social events, social centres, and a wide range of grass-roots community initiatives.

    Its not always easy, but we are doing our best - at the same time encouraging residents to speak up for themselves and to organise together and support each other.

    But are we having the effect we’d like? What is our relationship with local residents’ groups and broad-based campaigns? Which issues should be our main priorities? How do immediate practical concerns link to the need for fundamental social change?

    This event aims, through workshop discussions, to:

  • share information, local experiences and views about some of the key issues affecting our communities
  • establish better links and communication channels among radical, community-orientated local groups and individuals
  • promote anti-authoritarian, anti-state, anti-capitalist and pro-working class politics, and collective, non-hierarchical forms of organisation.

    - 11.15am - Arrival / refreshments
    - 1pm - Introduction to the event. Brief introduction/report from each group present.
    - 2pm - First workshops/discussions session [See list below]
    - 3pm - Break for refreshments
    - 3.30pm - Brief plenary
    - 3.45pm - Second workshops/discussions session [See list below]
    - 4.45pm - Report backs from discussions. Plenary on how activists can work together better to
    support our communities and working class struggles…
    - 5.30pm - End and clear up
    - Evening - Informal social

    Note: if requested, we could organise an ‘overflow’ discussion on Sunday 19th, around midday...

    Workshop/Discussion Themes

  • Fighting for the local services and facilities we need
  • Our neighbourhoods – improving our street scene and the environment
  • Decent and affordable housing for all
  • Regeneration, gentrification and planning
  • Workplace struggles and issues


  • How to set up local groups
  • Communication techniques and strategies (newsletters, mailing lists, leaflets etc)


  • Single issue campaigning
  • Interaction with existing residents’ groups
  • Council elections

    Download, print and distribute this leaflet, with all the information here about the Gathering.

    Why not link to this page,

    The collective has not organised this gathering - this page for information only

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