Letters of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels 1842-1895

An epub collecting the letters of Marx and Engels from 1842 to 1895. Letters taken from marxists.org.

Submitted by KHM on March 18, 2014

Unless otherwise indicated, the Marx-Engels letters have been transcribed by Andy Blunden. Words in Strong style indicate that the words were in English in the original.

Source: The letters in this archive come from a variety of sources. Selected Correspondence 1846-1895 with Commentary and Notes. Marx and Engels, Lawrence & Wishart, London 1934; Letter to Americans, Progress Publishers, Science and Society, 1938, Letters on Capital, New Park Publications, Marx Engels Correspondence International Publishers, 1968; Selected Correspondence. Marx and Engels, International Publishers, London 1975; Marx and Engels on the Trade Unions. Edited with an introduction and notes by Kenneth Lapides; Marx & Engels on Ireland and the Irish Question, Progress Press. Many of these were transcribed by Sally Ryan. Most of the remaining letters have been transcribed from MECW, Volumes 38 to 50, by Andy Blunden, 2000-2002.



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This has been read through, so the footnotes etc should work. Where there were documents mentioned that were enclosed in letters, I tried to include with a link. So not all links in the files will work, but I have indicated where they should. The file now also includes letters to the editor.