Gender, temporality, and the reproduction of labour power. Women migrant workers in South China

dagongmei in South China
dagongmei in South China

This excellent article by Hannah Schling on migration and gender in China was just published by the periodical Sozialgeschichte.

Submitted by Nao on November 9, 2014

In this article a social reproduction lens is used to investigate the gendered and temporal dynamics within the emergence of a temporary, feminised migrant workforce manufacturing electronics for export in South China’s Pearl River Delta. Denied access to state-funded reproduction and permanent urban citizenship by the state's household registration (hukou) system, labour migrants are rendered permanently temporary inhabitants of the cities in which they work. Their double burden organised across this spatial separation between urban production and rural reproduction, women migrants are positioned as ‘doubly temporary’ workers. Please, read and download the article at the Sozialgeschichte-website:


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