The Zapatistas have dissolved the autonomous municipalities.

Submitted by Damned-Scoundrel on November 8, 2023

So, for those unaware, The Zapatistas have announced that they are dissolving their autonomous municipalities & are under a reorganization of the territory they control. Frankly, I have no idea what this means for the future of the global Libertarian Communist movement, though I fear it will have grave ramifications. If any comrades, particularly comrades who have extensive knowledge about the Zapatistas or are from Mexico, can provide additional information about this development, that would be very appreciated.


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Submitted by syndicalist on November 10, 2023

Following with interest.

R Totale

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Submitted by R Totale on November 10, 2023

Short commentary here:

Submitted by Damned-Scoundrel on November 11, 2023

Ok, so it’s currently unconfirmed what the system in place in the Zapatista held communities are. It’s a bit concerning to hear though, as from what I read, I’m speculating that the area is moving towards a more authoritarian approach. Though of course, I’m a white high school student from suburban Long Island, NY, so who am I to dictate the policy of an indigenous Mayan movement.

Any thoughts on what this could mean for the broader Libertarian Communist movement?

R Totale

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Submitted by R Totale on November 21, 2023

Freedom interview on the subject here:


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Submitted by Damned-Scoundrel on November 22, 2023

Hmm, appears that they’ve decentralized their system of organization. Wasn’t expecting that, though I’m excited to see what the future holds for them considering it.