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Jul 31 2010 20:26
Hampshire Anarchists


I'm looking for any anarchist groups in Hampshire - can't seem to find any at the moment! Anywhere in Southampton/Winchester/Portsmouth would be great!!

If anyone knows of any or is interested in setting one up, i'd really appreciate it! At the moment, it seems like Brighton or London is the nearest option (I don't mind going to London, but it's not exactly local!)

Cheers smile

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Jul 31 2010 21:41

We have the beginnings of a small Anarchist Federation group (Surrey & Hants). There are only a hand full of us spread over a large area. We have met in Guildford a few times. Our activity is very low-level at the moment.

surreyhants 'at' afed . org.uk

You could also look at the AF's or the Solidarity Federation's websites for other contacts.


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Aug 1 2010 08:04

There was one in Portsmouth, which held a meeting in Southsea a year or so ago. Haven't seen any activity since then. Problem is, as ever, middle-class students and arty types who leave when their courses finish. The best way to start a group is with a well advertised meeting and a good speaker. If you know anyone else, form a reading group and discuss the ideas you encounter with eachother. The SWP seem to dominate in Southampton and Portsmouth, so going to their meetings and sharpening your debating skills is always useful. But read, and read contructively applying the ideas to the world you see around you. See thread on essential anarcho-syndicalist texts. Good luck!

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Aug 1 2010 10:46

There is an existing group in Portsmouth, not a huge amount of activity due to low numbers and a pretty hostile environment to work in, but it is there with some continuity and some activity. Blog with contacts is here http://portsmouthanarchists.wordpress.com/ . I lived in Portsmouth for a while and they're really decent people with sound politics.

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Aug 1 2010 18:05
gwry wrote:
There was one in Portsmouth, which held a meeting in Southsea a year or so ago. Haven't seen any activity since then. Problem is, as ever, middle-class students and arty types who leave when their courses finish.

Seems to be a bit of presumption there seeing as I have no idea who you are and therefore must have never been to a meeting.

We have been meeting twice a month since that point and have been doing pamplet and paper stalls at local gigs (though this have slowed down lately) aswell as other low level activity but middle-class student and arty types leaving once their course finishes hasn't been a problem. Unreliable crusties not turning up for more than 2 meetings, now that's probably closer to the point!

And as a reply to the original post, we meet at the Barley Mow on Castle Road in the back room every 2nd and 4th thursday of the month. You're more than welcome to come along.

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Aug 3 2010 21:48

Is Jon formerly of Anarchist Graphics still around? Ages ago (2000AD) there was a 'Portsmouth Anarchist Network' he helped start. If he's still around he would be a great guy to contact.

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Mar 2 2011 22:09

A Surrey/Hants Afed thread on Libcom...


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Apr 16 2012 08:37

Just a note to say that there is a bit more anarchist activity in the south Hampshire area now; Portsmouth, Bournemoth and Southampton with various groups involved: Surrey & Hants Anarchist Federation, Solent Solidarity Federation, Portsmouth Anarchists, Wessex Solidarity.

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Jun 17 2012 21:49

I'm from Southampton and have been wondering the exact same thing, London and Brighton are too far for regular meetings etc

where is everyone else who has commented here from?

Dean x

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Jun 17 2012 21:57

Hey Deany,

Solent SolFed have at least one member in Southampton. Might be worth getting in touch with them. smile

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Jun 18 2012 10:24

We have a Hants/ Surrey coordination of the Anarchist Federation which you should contact for members nearby.

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May 13 2017 20:18

Just a note to say Surrey and Hampshire AF (SHAF) comrades have been getting involved in the anti-fracking protest site at Leith Hill and we'll be be up there in the near future too.

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May 20 2017 10:52

Anything going on in Southampton? Would love to get involved in some activity, it's quite conservative where I live in townhill park, I feel quite isolated.