More politics please - Paul Petard

A booklet produced by anarchist cartoonist Paul Petard in 2003. One frame asks the question "Is the economic system really dynamic or just a bubble based on borrowed funny money?" Now, in 2011, we know the answer to that one!

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Dan Radnika
Nov 20 2011 13:06


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Nov 21 2011 09:34

Mate these are fantastic.. cheers for putting them up!

One thing, can you make sure you put an image that shows up as a thumbnail when it's viewed in the gallery? It's the image option just after all the main gallery images.. just coz otherwise their's no preview pic before people click on it..

Anyway, cheers again!

Dan Radnika
Nov 23 2011 21:24

Right, I'll do that next time!

Comrade Motopu
Dec 27 2011 02:55

Thanks for this excellent comic!

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