Submitted by wojtek on February 11, 2013

Names of organizations and agencies are always spelled out in full on first use; abbreviations are often employed on subsequent references.

AID South Brooklyn against Investment Discrimination
ANHD Association of Neighborhood Housing Developers
CAB Conciliation and Appeals Board
CAR Coalition against Redlining in New York City
CARIP Coalition against Rent Increase Pass-alongs
CCOH Chelsea Coalition on Housing
CETA Comprehensive Employment Training Act
CMP Community Management Program
DAMP Division of Alternative Management Programs
DHCR State Division of Housing and Community Renewal
ETPA Emergency Tenant Protection Act
HDA Housing and Development Administration
HPD Department of Housing Preservation and Development
HTU Harlem Tenants Union
HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development
JPC Joint Planning Council of the Lower East Side
MBR Maximum Base Rent
Met Council Metropolitan Council on Housing
NJTO New Jersey Tenant Organization
NPC Neighborhood Preservation Company
NTO National Tenant Organization
NTU National Tenants Union
NWBCCC Northwest Bronx Community Clergy Coalition
NYSTLC New York State Tenants Legislative Coalition
OSI Office of Special Improvements
PDC People's Development Corporation
RGB Rent Guidelines Board
RSA Rent Stabilization Association
TAC Tenant Advisory Committee
TAD Tenants against Demolition
TenPAC Tenants Political Action Committee
TIL Tenant Interim Lease Program
UHAB Urban Homesteading Assistance Board