Anarchist economics - Abraham Guillen

Anarchist economics - Abraham Guillen

PDF book about the economics of the Spanish libertarian collectives 1936-1939.


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working class s...
Mar 1 2012 22:15


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Mar 2 2012 16:37

If this is the same text previously published under the title 'Anarchist Economics: An alternative for a world in crisis.' by the ISEL/La Presa then there was a reasonably good critical review of it's 'capitalist self-management' theme in the old Subversion journal No 12.

Perhaps Steven could be pursuaded to add this to the Subversion articles in the library in the interests of a bit of contraversy!!

It would also help to link up with the still current 'I'd like a moneless system but...' thread and some others debating 'communism ' versus 'mutualism'.

Jan 18 2017 13:47

The Guillen pamphlet used to be widely distributed by UK anarcho-syndicalists in the UK and the principles on which it is based are still supported by some, so the Subversion critique of it (available on this site) is certainly still valid. An improved attempt at describing the possibilities of how production and distribution might be organised on libertarian communist lines in the modern world but still from an anarcho-syndicalist perspective has been made by some SolFed members here: and is worthy of a critical read.

klas batalo
Apr 11 2017 03:50

I think mostly it is because Anarcho-syndicalism as a movement seems to have had taken on aspects of both a collectivist and libertarian communist economic program. I'm going to have to reread the SolFed piece.

klas batalo
Jun 6 2017 16:31
klas batalo
Jul 4 2017 21:53

I sympathize with Subversion's critique but isn't the collectivist "each according to their contribution" formula what Marx described as "a stowaway from capitalism that will vanish as work becomes more automated and enjoyable, and goods become available in abundance."

It seems this framework that the collectivist anarcho-syndicalists engaged in was basically similar to what Marx thought of as the lower stage of communism.

Jul 5 2017 11:13

Different historical periods of course - I suppose there are some comparisons but then Marx wasn't a 'federalist' as the anarchists traditionally argue.

klas batalo
Feb 3 2018 19:37

Or maybe the early stage of communism as according to Marx most might consider collectivist today?