Scottish Anarchist Magazine Issue 1

Scottish Anarchist Magazine Issue 1

Scottish Anarchist is the Journal of the Scottish Federation of Anarchists (the SFA).
The SFA unites anarchists, libertarian socialists and autonomous revolutionaries
across this fair nation. It does this for the express aim of increasing the influence of
anarchist ideas and ideals in the class struggle.

produced 1994.

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Rory Reid
Jan 3 2017 02:36


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Rory Reid
Jan 3 2017 02:38

Produced I believe in 1994.

Rory Reid
Jan 3 2017 02:51
Jun 23 2017 13:31

you find the second issue of the Scottish Anarchist here:

The Edinburgh Unemployed Workers Centre (more on this on libcom: Up Against the State: The Battle for Broughton St Unemployed Workers Centre) was threatened by eviction and a meeting of Scottish anarchists was called in the centre. The Scottish Anarchist was the publication of the Scottish Anarchist Federation which was founded in the summer of 1994 in Edinburgh.