06. Links

Submitted by armillaria on November 1, 2014

Here are links—some radical, some more mainstream—which may be helpful in a crisis situation or if you’re just looking to see how others have approached these same questions.

The Survivors Mark is a listing of various helplines covering everything from suicide prevention to domestic abuse to addiction and teenage pregnancy. Although primarily focused on the US and the UK, international hotlines are listed as well.

The Icarus Project is one of the longest running and most succesful of radical mental health projects. With a sizable online presence, lots of fantastic artwork, and local groups around the world, the Icarus Project describes their mission as a “collaborative, participatory adventure fueled by inspiration and mutual aid.” Check ‘em out.

A lengthy pamphlet which came out of the Occupy Movement and is now being
published by AK Press, Mindful Occupation is text directed at political activists and the spaces and movements they create. While the politics aren’t necessarily anarchist, this vibrantly illustrated text is still very much worth a read.

Describing themselves as “a bunch of anti-capitalist activists who have either experienced or been close to people who have been effected by PTSD,” Activist Trauma Support seeks to help, “political activists who may be injured during or by their political activities and or struggling with other mental health issues related to activism.” Available in English and French.

Coming out of New Zealand, Our Dark Passenger looks at the intersection of activism, politics,
and community. Aesthetically striking and very well written, it is full of personal accounts. Be careful, however, as it deals with some very intense subjects and comes with a TRIGGER WARNING for those who’ve suffered suicidal thoughts.

The Libcom thread which started off this whole pamphlet. Contains pages of advice and tips on dealing with not only your own emotional stress, but supporting those around us who may be suffering from depression.