Submitted by Juan Conatz on April 24, 2015

There was very little activity worth reporting for this year. I.U. 210, the Metal Mine Workers' Union, was successful in securing a thirteen and one half per cent wage boost for the workers at the U.S. Vanadium mine at Bishop, California. Except for this success, and a minor strike at nearby Darwin, California by I.U. 210, all the rest of the news came from Cleveland.

Even from Cleveland, the news was thin. A slow down at American Stove in February was credited with persuading mana8ement to grant a wage increase. In March a two week strike at the Republic Brass Company resulted in a five per cent general increase. This strike was otherwise uneventful. However, it was claimed to have influenced the management of the Cochrane Brass Company to grant a similar increase to the workers in that plant. The workers at the Draper plant of Jones and Laughlin also received an increase in pay as of April 1.

The only other event of interest was the convention in Cleveland held under the auspices of [/i]Bermunkas[/i] the official Hungarian language paper of the I.W.W. The purpose of this convention was to consider means of increasing the circulation and support of this paper.