Afro-Blue Notes: The Death of Afro-pessimism (2.0)?

This article examines Wilderson and Sexton’s trending reiteration of an old Euro-imperial pessimism—a perverse “Afro-pessimism (2.0)” in which Africa disappears altogether along with most of the Black diaspora. Its fatalist representation of “slavery” is interrogated for its “Americanism” and Occi-dentalism besides its canonical erasure of Black resistance and Pan-African revolt for white settler state historiographies.

Theory & Event, Volume 21, Number 1, January 2018, pp. 282-317.

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red jack
Feb 19 2019 16:44


  • In the end, it is also telling that this “Afro-pessimist” embrace of “social death” has never thought to ask what or whose conception of the “social” and whose or what conception of “death” is assumed by the notion.

    Greg Thomas


R Totale
Feb 19 2019 19:54

Looking forward to reading this - recently got around to reading some of the "black liberation in Britain" stuff that's been added to the library of late, and had been thinking about how terrible a framework afro-pessimism seems to be in comparison to the approach of groups like Southall Black Sisters or the United Black Youth League.