Against Zionism

Written by the 'Campaign for Real Life' in the mid-1980s, this is an optimistic, insightful little leaflet on Zionism and the Palestinian Intefada struggle. In its conclusion it refers to connections with the situation in the UK at the time; the ongoing cuts in public services, gentrification, the aftermath of the miners strike etc.




A new stage in the battle against Zionism has been reached with the mass rebellion in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank, bringing a new clarity to the situation. The 'liberal' zionist claims, that this repression, like the invasion of Lebanon, the massacres of Sabra & Shatila etc etc ... are aberrations and not 'true' zionism, are now as threadbare as an Israeli flag after Palestinian youth have got their hands on it. Zionism is a racist, oppressive ideology and will never be anything else. It is based on the lie that non-Jews are inherently anti-semitic - as absurd as the lie that Jews are inherently, whatever. It denies the obvious - that whatever Jews are under conditions of persecution in Europe, they are not under conditions of persecutors and settlers in Arabia, and deliberately denies that any other change of conditions is possible. We know better. Zionism thrives on anti-semitism and encourages it.

But Zionism is more than an ideology, it is a material force - an arm of capital, not the only one but the most concentrated in the area. Capital itself is not racist - it will act through whoever possesses it (or it possesses), but develops racism and national divisions to help it turn resources into commodities (as when the zionists 'bought' land from those who didn't own it in a capitalist sense) and peoples into a reserve army of labour - to turn everything into money so that those who have can buy and those who don't can sell themselves or starve. The contradiction of Zionism however, is that having dispossessed the Palestinians, it fears using this liberated labour, preferring to use constant immigration, and using anti-Sephardi (non-Europeans) racism to impose a division of labour.

The hope of Israel and its backers was that the Palestinians would disappear into a diaspora as a reserve army of labour for the arab world, but the resistance of the Palestinians led to a spiral of repression and resistance involving more and more states (such as Jordan and Lebanon) and making the Paletsinians more determined. Meanwhile a Palestinian bourgeoisie has been forming, mainly within the state (the PLO), which, while waiting for a land to control, has been investing its capital in the exploitation of workers elsewhere.

The western states are beginning to see that it is only the PLO who have any chance of making the majority of Palestinians finally accept dispossession in exchange for a 'homeland' where they will be 'free' to labour for capital. This is why the killing of Palestinians has become news and creeps like the Pope condemn Israel for 'going too far'. Israel must be shown that it must sacrifice the 'occupied' territories to secure the territory it has occupied for longer, and the continued accumulation of capital - even if it destroys Israel's ability to be a home for all Jews - which will help to destroy the confusion of the Israeli working class.

But if the Palestinian 'homeland' is realised that will only be the start of the struggle. Have the Palestinians fought fot 40 years just for the slavery of the factory? Will they quietly accept the low wages necessary to attract capital? Will they be taken in by the claim that they sacrificed themselves for this, that they must now sacrifice themselves for 'Palestinian' capital? Today's struggle by women and children is outside the control of the leaders of the struggle for a homeland, because it is beyond that struggle, and will be continued against all who stand in the way of total emancipation.


This struggle is not merely something for us to watch from the sidelines, waving flags. Although it is centuries since we in Britain were dispossessed from the land, we still live under its shadow, and are daily dispossessed from the wealth we produce. Once separated from our means of survival, we are forced to produce for those who buy our labour - to produce greater and greater wealth while remaining impoverished. And today a new poverty is being imposed - cuts in our access to the resources we create, destruction of mining towns (for example), eviction to camps in Barking, settlers moving into Docklands - conditions aren't the same, but are comparable because the logic is the same, the logic of capital, profit, money. And though the forms of struggle may differ, the struggle is the same - against the condition of being proletarians, of dispossession, of exploitation, of creating all and being nothing.




Written and produced by the Dispossessed

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May 20 2006 22:25



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