Alternative Futures Group pay cuts - Don't Sign, Don't panic

Originally posted on Carers Talk. Since this leaflet was originally written, new information has come to light regarding the extent of the pay cuts facing some support workers out sourced from social services and the NHS.

Alternative Futures Group (AFG) have now announced exactly what the new terms and conditions it is imposing on its staff will look like. Three different sets of terms and conditions are to be introduced, each with different levels of pay cuts. The hardest hit (as ever) will be casual staff, who will see a 6.45% pay cut, with bank holiday enhancement reduced from double time to time and a half. By the 8th of March new contracts will be issued and support workers will be told to sign them or be dismissed.

Support workers can still fight back:

  • Do not sign new contracts, if we refuse to sign in large enough numbers, AFG will have no choice but to back down and negotiate
  • Vote yes on strike action, Unison have sent out ballots to members, remember that AFG have no right to know whether or not you are a union member in the event of a strike, you cannot be forced to cross a picket line.
  • Talk to your fellow support workers about the pay cuts. Set up meetings away from work with other staff teams to organise and share information
  • Contact local and national press to let them know that a company that claims to care is attacking the terms and conditions of one of the most underpaid and overworked groups of workers in the country
  • Take action on the job. Direct action tactics, such as work to rule and sick outs, will put further pressure on AFG
  • Get in touch with us via e-mail ( or on twitter (@carerstalk) and let us know what’s going on in your staff team
  • Don’t panic! Much as they may like to pretend otherwise, AFG’s management are neither all knowing nor all powerful

Recently, some of the largest construction firms in the UK were forced to back down from a massive 35% pay cut for electricians by a campaign of refusal to sign new contracts, protests and direct action on the job. AFG are no Balfour Beatty, if we have the will to fight back, we can win.

This text is available as an A4 leaflet:

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