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A list of back-issues currently available in print.

Submitted by Joseph Kay on October 26, 2007

Issue 22 (2013-14)
Whatever happened to the economic recovery in the West? 5000 years of debt? An activist’s perspective on fracking struggles in Balcombe.

Issue 21 (2012)
The Euro crisis. Climate change and green capitalism. The Arab Spring.

Issue 19 (2011)
Explaining the crisis. Renewed imposition of work in the era of austerity. Extraordinary communities that arise in disasters.

Issue 18 (2010)
Return of the crisis (part 1). The red shoots of resistance? Recession struggles in the UK. Reclaim the ‘state debate’. Intakes: The history of tactics.

Issue 17 (2009)
New Labour and the ‘muslim community’. Al-Sadr and resistance in Iraq. Afflicted Powers. Direct Action for blokes.

Issue 16 (2008)
Class conflicts in China. Paulo Virno’s unbelievable multitude. De Angelis: Value struggle or class struggle? Silver’s Forces of labour

Issue 15 (2007)
Lebanon, Iran and the ‘Long war’ in the wider middle east. Theoretical criticism and practical overthrow fifteen years on. Moishe Postone’s Time, labour and social domination.

Issue 14 (2006)
China and world capitalism. Questions on immaterial labour: review of Negri & Hardt’s Empire and Multitude. Inside and outside the G8 protests. Cyber-Marx review.

Issue 13 (2005)
The housing question. Critique of Fortunati’s Arcane of reproduction. Théorie Communiste: a further reply.

Issue 12 (2004)
Oil wars and world orders old and new. A phenomenal anti-war movement? Reply to Théorie Communiste. Review article: Hotlines.

Issue 11 (2003)
Class re-composition in Argentina? From operaismo to ‘autonomist Marxism’. Théorie Communiste: Beyond the ultra left? Review article: John Holloway’s Change the world without taking power.

Issue 9 (autumn 2000)
The Zapatistas: a commune in Chiapas?; What was the USSR Part 4: Towards a theory of the deformation of value under state capitalism. Back to the Situationist International (Gilles Dauvé)

Issue 8 (autumn 1999)
Humanitarian war in Kosovo; Re-imposition of work in Britain and the ‘social Europe’; What was the USSR? Part 3 (Left communism and the Russian Revolution)

Issue 6 (autumn 1997)
What was the USSR? Part 1 (Trotsky and state capitalism); Reflections on Class War; Review article: Whatever happened to the Situationists?

Issue 5 (autumn 1996)
Class struggles in France, Winter 1995; autonomists and capital's strategy; reviews: ‘new movements’, James Carr’s autobiography.

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