20. Conclusion

Submitted by Steven. on January 18, 2007

As I said at the beginning, my anti-fascist activities are not of epic proportions. But if you consider 100 or 200 people doing a similar amount, plus a handful of real heroes who have each battered dozens or hundreds of fascists, then you can see why the far-right dare not have a street presence in Britain at this time. We should be proud of that.

On a note of caution though, the fascists now try to inveigle their politics into community issues. For example they try to get local councillors elected to tackle issues such as housing for ‘white’ people. They have been quite successful at this, and this may be the precursor to them getting the confidence to get the boneheads out on the streets again. (In 2000 the NF have started having marches again in Kent and the East Midlands – Ed.)

Red Action and others have monitored this shift in the fascists tactics, and formed a counter-strategy. It is not as glamorous as the street-fighting activities, but seeing as I am not doing anything better I won’t criticise it here.

The reason this booklet is called Bash The Fash (1) is because hopefully other activists will be encouraged to put pen to paper and record their own experiences in Bash The Fash (2), Bash The Fash (3), or its equivalent. With luck we’ll get more sequels than Rocky.