Appendix 4: Survival rules

Submitted by Steven. on January 19, 2007

A few suggestions about survival rules.

(i) Never leave anyone behind.

(ii) Never talk to the police. If arrested don’t make a statement. You can almost guarantee they will say “your friends have told us x,y,z so you might as well admit your part”. Say nothing. When the heat is off, next day hopefully when nobody has said anything, things won’t look so bad.
See No comment: The defendant's guide to arrest for more information

(iii) It is better to do one serious thing then get right away from the area and live to fight another day.

(iv) Empty your pockets in the morning. If arrested while carrying a bit of dope, a small penknife or an address book your life can get much more complicated. Carry enough cash to get taxis in an emergency.

(v) Keep yourself fit, and sober.

(vi) Four people who know what they are doing can be much more effective than four hundred useless paper-sellers. So, try to find a small group of people you can trust not to run away or blab when things get heavy, and stick with them.

(vii) Try to prepare in advance – tactics, local geography, emergency phone numbers, etc. As Joe Thomas used to say “...the best spontaneous revolutionary actions are always in fact well planned beforehand”!