Preaching to the Converted?

Short article from the final issue of Class War.

Submitted by Farce on December 5, 2009

This paper marks a departure in style and content: every past issue has been written to be read by, for want of better words, ordinary working class people. We have attempted to write for those who were 'unpoliticised' - it's a loaded word, we know, but we take it to mean people who wouldn't generally buy a left-wing newspaper, anarchist or otherwise. The paper and the politics of Class War have been described as 'populist' in as much as we have attempted to write about what really concerns people, as opposed to what we think should concern them, in a jargon-free, down-to-earth, humorous manner. We believe that we've had some success in this respect. Class War was a paper written for ordinary people, not for anarchists. It wasn't filled with obscure articles guaranteed to baffle the uninitiated, it wasn't written for some ultra-left clique. Class War attempted to do something other than preach to the converted.

This final issue of Class War is different. It is written for all those who already consider themselves 'political', whether they regard themselves as anarchists, communists, socialists or whatever. This Open Letter is directed at everybody who is genuine in their desire to bring an end to this class-divided capitalist society that we live in, and who is open, honest and flexible in their attempts to achieve it.