Dope springs eternal from May Day riot - Nicholas Watt

An amusing press cutting about the aftermath of the guerrilla gardening in Parliament Square during Mayday 2000.

Submitted by Fozzie on April 15, 2021

Green-fingered protesters, who dug up Parliament Square on May Day, have had the last laugh after a crop of marijuana plants was discovered in the shadow of Winston Churchill's statute.

MPs rushed across to the square last night to inspect the fledgling plants - each no more than four inches high - which sprouted up thanks to the efforts of the "Avante Gardeners" who invaded the square during the May Day riots. ... The Home Office minister, Paul Boateng, remained firmly on message when asked about the crop. "Have you told the police?" he barked.

... The May Day gardeners will be delighted with their handiwork, which shows that the authorities have failed to clear up the square. The plants were last night clearly visible behind the metal barriers, which are meant to bar access to the square to give fresh grass a chance to grow back.

The Guardian, Thursday July 6, 2000