Emergence and Anarchism: A Philosophy of Power, Action, and Liberation


Included is the complete ebook of S Nicholas Nappalos' Emergence and Anarchism.

In complex systems like living organisms, ecosystems, and societies, things emerge out of vast interactions to produce something novel that is greater than the sum of its parts. Emergence and Anarchism argues that understanding emergence and living systems gives us a better grasp of how a just society can be achieved. Nappalos offers a theory of liberation that focuses on the concepts of power, agency, motivation, and how to shape our actions within larger social forces producing emergence. Ambitious and accessible, Emergence and Anarchism is a novel work of anarchist theory in an era where our questions outpace answers.

“Nappalos' book is a rare piece of contemporary radical work and a needed contribution to contemporary understandings in our crisis-ridden world of how and why people stop obeying and begin refusing, both as individuals and en masse.” - Deric Shannon, editor of The End of the World As We Know: Crisis, Resistance, and the Age of Austerity and co-author of Political Sociology: Oppression, Resistance, and The State

“As one who accepts dialectics as central to history, a notion Nappolos rejects, I found his discussion of emergence, systems and agency interesting and challenging. He asks important questions and pursues them in largely unmapped terrain, a good example for those who want to make revolution.” – Noel Ignatiev, author of How the Irish Became White, editor and co-founder of Race Traitor: A Journal of the New Abolitionism and Hard Crackers: Chronicles of Everyday Life.

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Jan 15 2019 20:52

Congrats on your book publishing

Jan 15 2019 20:54


GI Joe Hill
Jan 15 2019 21:22

Would it be possible to get this in kindle (.mobi) format?

Jan 16 2019 06:20

GI Joe Hill, you can easily convert epub to mobi using Calibre (a Windows and Linux application) or one of the online converters such as https://convertio.co/epub-mobi/.

Agent of the In...
Jan 16 2019 16:24

Is there ever going to be released a physical copy?

Jan 20 2019 07:42

It seems that the download link(s) disappeared. Any chance to get the epub (or even better - mobi)?

Jan 24 2019 16:35

Apologies the wrong cover file was uploaded. It is now fixed!

Jan 24 2019 16:36

There are. Shipping from the printer as we speak.

Jan 27 2019 15:41

A tad too heavy for my pea-brain to read with clarity. That said, I am sure there are people who have the mind and skill sets to read and absorb this book. Wishing Scott legit success with the book, distribution and good conversations which the book may inspire.