Freedom (January 1926)

The January 1927 edition of Freedom

Submitted by Method of Freedom on November 17, 2017


Recollections of W. Tchersoff (conclussion) - M.N
Unity and freedom - W.C.O
Work as a unit of exhange - Vaughn Bachman Brokav
"Socialism in Our Day!" - W.C.O
Heard in the mess - Sir. Phillib Gibbs
Here is my opinion - Peter Kropotkin
Science and Dogma



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Submitted by Rob Ray on November 18, 2017

I'm busy doing scans and uploads myself at the moment, but there's now a collated set of over 230 issues of Freedom up on the website here:

which people are welcome to mirror to libcom (or if doing new ones, email us about)