Hourly paid

Submitted by Steven. on September 15, 2010

Does the pope wear a silly hat? Yes you are getting screwed. Buggered. You are expected to work you ass off so you can pick peanuts out of pooh while some shareholder who’s never done a days work in his whole life is buying a second yacht. Prince Charles has a man to brush his teeth while you have a man taking away your telly as an interest repayment on a debt you incurred buying a tin of beans. The question we now have to ask is- are you being screwed within the law? Believe it or not, you probably are- the law is made in the interests of the rich. However, there are some ways you may be getting screwed illegally.

[libcom edition: To determine whether your screwing falls in the law or not to continue this questionnaire see the MWR Know your rights section]