IWA Congress 2006 articles - Introduction

Submitted by Fall Back on December 8, 2006

Welcome to libcom.org's archive for the 2006 International Workers Association (IWA) congress, updated as the congress runs from the 8th-10th December.

We are intending to get interviews with as many delegates as possible from around the world, and get reports on both their groups activity and brief history, as well as a brief round-up of the class struggle in their country. We will also host any interesting and relevant articles and documents that groups would like to present if they feel they would be relevant, so long as they do not violate IWA internal discipline.

If you are a delegate to the congress and see this, we encourage you to speak to either Jack or Joni throughout the weekend, with offers of articles, opinions and interviews!

Articles will appear on here as they are collected throughout the congress. The aim is to get them to appear as quickly as possible, so they will not be highly formatted - errors will be corrected as we go along. A full list of all IWA 2006 Congress articles can be found here - http://libcom.org/tags/iwa-2006

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