The Last Situation About Clashes in Turkey

The fifth statement on the uprisings in Turkey written by Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet (DAF, or Revolutionary Anarchist Action) and originally published in Meydan Gazetesi.

Submitted by Dominic. on June 20, 2013

The Last Situation About Clashes in Turkey

The clashes began yesterday morning with the intensity no less than the first day of resistance. Police blocked the ways entering Taksim at first. Although the police attacks were more harsh than the day before, nearly one million people fought, moving the barricades forward kicked the police out. Then all the people entered Taksim and Gezi Park. Police had to escape and their cars that could not escape were burned.

Yesterday, the clashes spread all over the country. In many other cities, police attacked protesters with gas bombs, pressured toxic water and plastic bullets. Protesters cleared protected free zones behind barricades.
Yesterday we as Revolutionary Anarchist Action were fighting at the front lines and during the first moments of entrance into the square we wrote a public declaration. We are sharing it below:

This is just the beginning, the struggle is going on.

Revolt is out of time and space. For about 40 hours from Istiklal to Harbiye, from Tarlabasi to Besiktas the freedom of a rebellion is being felt. We come in to Taksim Square from Istiklal, after forty hours of clashes. Law enforcement officers run away with all their vehicles. Forty hours, forty years, the square has been a world for us.

This was the freedom of rebellion, maybe the most frightening slogan was that, this is just the beginning the struggle is going on.

Yes, our struggle is going on till we grow our free world, which we carry in our hearts.