Observations on Anarchy 6 & 7

Submitted by Reddebrek on July 16, 2016

Anarchy and Cinema

For someone like myself who is interested in both film and anarchy, your latest issue was indeed a treat. Congratulations on it.
Editor Cine Camera.

Having been a reader of FREEDOM on and off for several years, and a film fan for many more, I should like to congratulate you on ANARCHY 6, on the subject of Anarchy and Cinema. I enjoyed reading the excellent selection of articles, especially those on Buñuel.
London, E5 RAY WILLS,
Editor Screen Education.

There was a rare freshness and enthusiasm about the cinema number of ANARCHY even though the theme that ran through most of the articles was the heartbreaking difficulty in financing non-commercial films. You should have mentioned the two non-profit production companies in this country, Data Films, a documentary unit which is a co-operative co-partnership, and A.C.T. Films Ltd., a feature production company launched ten years ago by the Association of Cinematograph, Television and Allied Technicians – the only film company in the world owned and controlled by a trade union – which made The Last Man to Hang, The Man Upstairs, and, most recently, The Kitchen.
Ruislip. JACK FOX.
(We recently learned that Data are going out of the film business. Readers interested in the work of A.C.T. Films, will find an article on it by Ralph Bond in the Summer 1961 issue of Trade Union Affairs, with the title "A Break-through to Resolution 42"-ED.).

Adventure Playground
Will you kindly send three more copies of ANARCHY 7 (Adventure Playground)? I think this number is the most important yet, and its value is priceless. I have in mind someone on the Town Council, and another in the editor of the local provincial newspaper, to offer these booklets with their enormously interesting information.
In fact I have rarely read anything so gripping and absorbing. And I haven't finished reading yet. Preston, Lancs W. ARTHUR LEMIN.