The One Big Union Monthly (March 1937)

The One Big Union Monthly (March 1937)

The March 1937 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, with articles on the French labor movement, women in the labor movement and homelessness. Contributors include Raymond Corder, Joseph Wagner, Toivo Halonen, A. Yourniek, Evert Anderson, Peo Monoldi and Tor Cedervall.


-Angry waters: the yellow peril by Raymond Corder

-Hot stuff by Ixion

-French labor by Joseph Wagner

-On labor's back by Toivo Halonen

-Women in the labor movement by S.H.A.

-Murmansk by A. Yourniek

-The hobo by L.P. Emerson

-Who is it that gets relief? by Evert Anderson

-Can capitalism house its workers? by Peo Monoldi

-Has a substitute for the IWW been found? by Tor Cedervall

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