The only real exit from the crisis is in the overturning of the system that creates the crises

Submitted by GrouchoMarxist on April 25, 2012

We believe that today more than ever, it is legitimate and necessary that the biggest liberation of all societies from the regime parties of all hues takes place. The evacuation of resistance from the sold-out-to-the-system parties of the left, from the reformist traps and the fraudulence of the subversion ‘from the inside’. The political solution is in the non-institutional and horizontal organization of resistance into a prospect that will aim at subversion and revolution.

It is not only about a proposal that replies to the immoral characteristics of the regime, the exploitation and oppression of people by people. It is not only about an ethical necessity to overcome a regime that relies on oppression. In the environment of the crisis that is formulated, the exit from the system is now a matter of survival, since capitalism with its devouring and greedy character has already pushed societies to the extreme limits; poverty, death and the destruction of the ecosystem. If not overthrown it will kill the planet, it will kill all of us.

The exit from the crisis will come through the revolutionary social organization that will unavoidably clash with the mainstream form of organization. The exit from the crisis will come with the destruction of the system, its mechanisms and institutions, with the organization of a society of economical equality and political freedom. A society without economic and social differences, outside the dogmas of competitiveness, a society of solidarity.

When we speak of complete exit from today’s and any other crisis, we mean revolution. We mean the abolition of the State and every form of organized authority which that will unavoidably exist to perpetuate and reproduce social and class segregation, i.e. the deeper reasons for every sort of crisis.

We mean the withdrawal of economic privileges from the ruling class and their socialization, i.e. the re-appropriation of the stolen social wealth. The re-appropriation of State and church fortunes and their socialization. The re-appropriation of all the land and fortunes owned by the industries. The sharing of the wealth of the rich to the people. The abolition of economic and political privilege and the creation of a social organization which will stop the reappearance of old or even new forms of political and economic gathering and where every decision will be taken by the communities and the citizens assemblies. The abolition of private property of the means of production but also the deterring of every policy that will pursue their nationalization. Because we cannot go back to forms of State accumulation, with a party of “enlightened leadership” to organize a ‘new’ centrally controlled development model.

This social model collapsed anyway. But either way it is counter-revolutionary and anti-social, since it’s consolidation is politically based on totalitarianism. Property should only be communal, the only authority of this community are assemblies of the people. All expropriated wealth and productive means of the authorities should go into the hands of the social base. The social base itself through its direct democratic procedures should decide for everything, the production, the distribution of products, consumption, i.e. the complete abolition of the operation of the market and capitalism. The isolation of every political party that attempts to usurp the revolutionary achievements and restore the authoritarian cancers that will want to put an end to the revolution.

What we want to say in a nutshell is that it’s worth coming to a rupture with the system and its institutions and start a revolutionary social experiment with horizontal social organization, where every one of us will have the first word on their lives, an experiment for a society without masters and slaves.

A society of truly free people.