Communique for the bombing of the Athens Stock Exchange

A communique by Revolutionary Struggle, a Greek anarchist militant group after the bombing of the Athens Stock Exchange.

Submitted by GrouchoMarxist on April 25, 2012

On the 2nd of September in the early morning we attacked the temple of money, the stock exchange of Athens, by placing an expropriated van with 150 kilos of ammonium nitrate (AN/FO). This action is the continuation of a strategy of attacks with large quantities of explosives in order to hurt the infrastructure of multinational and local capital, a strategy initiated the 18th of February last year with the attempt on the central offices of Citibank on Nea Kifissia and continued with the bomb attack on the Eurobank branch on Vouliagmenis avenue, Argiroupoli on May 12th last year.

Maybe the explosion, despite the enormous amount of damage it caused to the building, did not stop the operation of the stock market since it did not destroy the central software system, but we believe that it worked, and it will continue to work negatively on the market and on the psychology of all kinds of opportunists, since the message was clear and was received by economic power as a whole: those responsible for the current crisis, the major shareholders, the golden boys, the capitalists, will pay for their criminal activity, and no State mechanism can protect them.

This action comes at a time when the economic crisis is moving towards its peak – despite statements to the contrary – the Greek economy is collapsing, the country has officially entered the recession and Karamanlis [Prime Minister from '04 to '09, leader of Nea Dimokratia (N.D),political party of the centre-right,], on the day of the attack exactly two years after the previous elections, declares new elections because of the collapse of the national economy and once again asks for the tolerance of Greek society in order to intensify the robbing, oppressive and exploitative policies of his government.
We urge the people to turn their backs on the political system and to abstain from the elections on October 4th [2009]. No government, whichever party or coalition of parties comes to power, can get the country out of the economic crisis, which is the deepest and will be the longest lasting crisis in the history of the capitalist system. And if some parts of Greek society, forgetting the “modernized” government of PASOK [Socialist party], the neo-liberal economic and social adjustment it imposed and the anti-social policies it applied from 1996 to 2004, believe that today this party will implement populist politics and vote for them, the contradiction will emerge from the first months of the new government. It will show that Papandreou [leader of PASOK] and Karamanlis have the same strategy for the crisis, which is the protection of profits and capital while the theiving raid and neo-liberal attack on the most vulnerable parts of society will not only continue but will intensify, in the name of “rescuing the Greek economy”.

No regime party, from the far right to the left, is in a position to put an end to the crisis and ensure a decent life for all, since that implies a rupture with the system and its institutions. To live without crises means that we live without capitalism, free market economy, without government and organized authority. This is the reason why the dilemma is not Nea Dimokratia or PASOK or the left. The real dilemma is CAPITALISM OR REVOLUTION.