Revolution is the only solution for the complete exit from the crises

Submitted by GrouchoMarxist on April 25, 2012

It is natural that the political elites worldwide that support their authorities in the existing economic system, are trying to convince us that the crisis has a limit and concerns the bad operation of the banks and mainly the American banks. For them and the mainstream propaganda they cultivate there’s no problem in the capitalist system and the markets, there is no connection of previous crises with today’s – each one was a “sole incident without references to the past and without consequences on the future” -, there is no connection to the long-term increasing exploitation that accompanies today’s situation.

For them it’s important to save the banking system from collapse, which means to save the economically ruling class of the planet and their fortunes, even if this means greater poverty and exploitation for the people.

We do not believe that anyone from the governments that take measures to save the system really believes that these will pull us out of the crisis and that all this happens for the good of all. Because only a stupid politician would believe that by giving away public money to the banks, giving astronomical dimensions to a debt which is already unbearable for the society that pays it, to fill with this money the pockets of the rich who couldn’t care less about their fellow human beings when they see no possibilities of profit amidst a crisis, and who know very well themselves that the talk about exiting the crisis is intentional bullshit, and among all this to impose policies of spending cuts on basic public operations such as health, cut wages and pensions and sell out at cost price whatever public wealth left, only a stupid politician would believe all this that they are real solutions to exit the crisis.

The policy of strengthening capitalism with money and the harsh austerity policies imposed by the European Committee and applied religiously by the governments, are not policies to exit the crisis, they are policies that make the crisis worse and this will show in the immediate future. They are policies of the ruling class and securing its profits. They are policies of securing that the system will continue to operate since it is what governments rely their power on. They are policies that point towards greater exploitation as is shown by the complete cover up of illegal labour and the blackmailing establishment of the 4-day work week. The crisis gives a unique opportunity for businessmen to impose with the blackmail of being fired, the unique-in-history compression of workers income.

The slogan ‘better badly paid jobs than no jobs’ is not only heard now in the ‘Dachau’ factories of Asia but also for every workplace of the West and is adopted in full by the political leaders of the right, centre and centre-left parties as a central political line. It is not about choices that will disappear magically when, and if, the economic situation improves. It is about permanent choices that are legislated by the governments and will determine the terms of work relations from now on.

For the political authorities worldwide, today’s crisis and its successful managing means that it will help the capitalists surpass their problems and extend their economic power, it means they will manage to contribute to the largest gathering of economic power. For the political elites themselves it means new opportunities to extend their authorities for the strengthening of State power. If they manage to get through this obstacle without any real social cost – which nowadays, we don’t just mean the expected social explosions but the danger of a political overturning, the violent downfall of governments and the overturning of the regime – then societies will have to deal with a form of the State where totalitarian and even neo-fascist characteristics will dominate.

This is being prepared in many countries around the world but also in Greece. The government of N.D. has not only chosen the far-right view to get the vote, this is a simplistic approach, but because it sees that the right conditions are being created. The unlimited support of the fascist Karatzaferis [leader of the popular orthodox party LAOS] and the paramilitary fascist gangs that surround it, is for the formation of a social current with far-right characteristics and over-conservative reflexes.

This social trend, while under development and until today a vile minority, is foisted onto society with the contribution of media as the dominant social trend and is used to show that there is not only consensus to the measures for the strength of State control, but a social demand for the immediate application of totalitarian methods of State imposition and social control. A thorn in the side of this policy is the political and economic refugees, the people who suffer the largest weight of the long term infection caused by the economic regime and the wars brought by the extension of the dominant model of authority. Another thorn is the task of the regime’s security demands and combating every social resistance by all means.

In reality, they know that with these choices cultivated by the two major parties, LAOS and the absence of any essential resistance from the parties of the left, has already produced a climate of social civil war which is consolidated by the back-to-back military style laws which were voted for the security of the regime. This climate of social civil war is promoted in the streets of the cities with the military collaboration of the police and armed far-right gangs that are controlled by the State mechanism.

Today the dangers of a new style of totalitarianism are not in the extreme elements of the system, since both they and their basic projections have merged with the dominating political trends. As the party components of the regime assimilate the far- right proposals – see the consistency of N.D and PASOK policy on immigration matters and oppression – State neo-fascism will be based on all the more minority social trends which it will legalize through electoral parodies. It will be the governing model created by today’s crisis.

This neo-fascist and authoritarian political situation that is already being formed and that already has the political consensus of the majority of the mainstream parties, leaves no left wing party able to go up against it. Already the concentration camps for immigrants and the deportations are the ‘main migration policy’ with the consent of PASOK and LAOS, while the protests by SIRIZA and KKE (left political parties) are not capable of preventing its implementation. Laws to combat resistance and for the armouring of the regime are voted in one after another, i.e. laws for hoods and facemasks, registering of SIM cards, CCTV, DNA).

We believe that from now on the participation of any party in parliament, there where they decide and execute the most extreme policies this land has seen since the time of Metaxas [Prime Minister of Greece between April and August 1936, and dictator during the 4th of August coup, from 1936 until his death in 1941.] and the coup d’état of the colonels, cannot be justified by the society that does not compromise.

If there is one message that was sent with the historical 50% absence from the EU elections to the political system, it was that it’s becoming increasingly understood by more and more people that the regime and its institutions are rotten, and that no part inspires trust and hope for a better tomorrow.

Now a situation has formed that for the existing regime means from now on nothing will be the same, since it’s losing its social basis and is not legitimized in the consciences of more and more people. Because it knows that the base on which the system of parliamentary representation relies on shrinks, it prepares to claim its survival with the weapons of totalitarianism.

We do not believe that everyone who did not vote are just waiting for the revolutionary onslaught. We believe that what was imprinted clearly is the depreciation of the economic and political regime, a fact that draws many of its reasons from the economic crisis. Of course the abstention from the elections does not mean itself more politicized citizens or that they are more active in common matters.

Because of this, together with our projection for abstention from the next elections, we would add that it is of imperative need that this choice does not mean the resignation from the managing of the social matters, but on the contrary, it should mean the non-institutional activity of people targeting the constant prevention of the anti-social work of mainstream parties.

Don’t let the abstention become a turn to passivity and resignation, but let it be the beginning of an honest and undistorted struggle for social emancipation.

For us, the real exit from the crisis is not in any recipe of correcting the system. We shouldn’t help them come out of a crisis with the system a winner and societies as losers. Let’s not live anymore under the yoke of a system that grows poverty constantly, is fed with fear and insecurity for survival. Let’s not live anymore under the yoke of the State, with daily control and terrorism applied at the expense of us all.