Program for the 5th conference

Program for the conference of the International Working Men's Association written July 14, 1870.

Submitted by libcom on July 25, 2005

1. On the need to abolish the public debt. Discussion of the right to compensation.

2. Relationship between political action and the social movement of the working class.

3. Practical means of converting land property into social property (see footnote).

4. Conversion of banks of issue into national banks.

5. Conditions of cooperative production on a national scale.

6. Need for the working class to draw up general statistics of labor, in conformity with the Geneva Congress resolutions in 1866.

7. Reconsideration by the Congress of the question of ways to stop wars.

Footnote to Point 3: The Belgian General Council has proposed this question: "Concerning the practical means of forming agricultural branches within the International and of establishing solidarity between agricultural proletarians and proletarians of other industries."

The General Council of the International Association believes this question is contained in Point 3.


1. The General Council requests all sections to give their delegates formal instructions concerning the advisability of changing the venue of the General Council for 1870-71.

2. In the event of agreement on the change, the General Council will propose Brussels as the venue for the General Council that year.

Printed in La Liberte, July 31, 1870 Der Volkstaat, August 13, 1870
Online version from the La Liberte article