The Russian Enigma - Ante Ciliga

Ante Ciliga

Originally written in 1936-37 and published in Paris, 1938 under the title "Au Pays du Grand Mensonge". The first part of his account of his time in the Soviet Union, The Russian Enigma, was distributed by the Labour Book Service in 1940, and the complete text was published under the same title by Ink Links in 1979.

The file was just too big and I can't seem to compress it without losing quality, so I posted it on The Russian Enigma - Ante Ciliga

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I still have a copy of the Ink Links hard copy paperback on my shelves. A substantial volume but well written, dramatic in parts, and a must read for anyone interested the decline of the Russian revolution. Highly recommended.

Oct 2 2017 16:39

I've edited the entry and uploaded a English pdf version of this. It appears that it's just awaiting a mod. to approve the changes.