Second International - further reading guide

Karl Kautsky, leading figure in the Second International

Libcom's guide to further reading on the Second International.

*Critique of The Gotha Program - Marx
*Critique of the Erfurt Program - Engels
The Second International - Joll
The First Three Internationals - Novack
History of Socialist Thought, Vols. 2-4 - Cole
German Social-Democracy: 1905-1917 - Schorske
Lenin's Struggle for a Revolutionary International, 1907-16
Karl Kautsky and the Socialist Revolution - Salvatori
Rosa Luxemburg: Her Life and Work – Frolich
A Conflict of Interest: Women in German Social Democracy, 1919-1933 - Renate Pore
Political Profiles - Trotsky
The Mass Strike, The Political Party and The Trade Unions - Luxemburg
Rosa Luxemburg Speaks
Selected Writings - R. Luxemburg
German Essays on Socialism in The 19th Century - The German Library Series, Vol. 41
The Road to Power – Kautsky
The Class Struggle – Kautsky
History of the Bolshevik Party - Zinoviev
The Bolsheviks in the Tsarist Duma - Badayev
Twenty Years in Underground Russia - Bobrovskaya
The Bolsheviks Under Illegality – Tchernmorodik
Lenin and the Revolutionary Party – P. LeBlanc
Reminiscences of Lenin – Krupskaya
Memoirs of a Revolutionary – Eva Broido
Leninism Under Lenin - Liebman
Our Tasks - Trotsky
The Second Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party
A Documentary History of Communism - Daniels
The Communist Party of the Soviet Union - Shapiro
My Life as a Rebel - A. Balabanoff

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