Speech of the CNT-AIT, Anarchist May Day in Barcelona

Speech of the CNT-AIT, Anarchist May Day in Barcelona

Text of speech for May Day 2018

First of all, thank you for your invitation and for being able to share the commemoration of the anarchist May Day with you. As you know, we commemorate May Day because of the crime committed by the state against anarcho-syndicalists, almost all immigrants - George Engel, Adolph Fischer, August Spies and Albert Parsons were hanged, Louis Lingg killed himself and Michael Schwab, Samuel Fielden and Oscar Neebe sentenced to prison. They are known worldwide as Martyrs of Chicago.

The main reason for these murders was to end the organization of the workers movement and its just demands: 8 hours of work, 8 hours of rest and 8 hours of leisure for formation and development. To this day the workers of the world still have to keep fighting for those same demands.

Even today we suffer the tyranny of Capital, States and institutions that seek to give a legal-democratic formality to oppression and deny any freedom of thought, expression or action, individual or collective, which poses a danger to their survival and privileges; and that totally contradicts the common good.

We believe it justified our existence, we continue sharing the main ideas, general analysis of society, forms of organization and strategies of the comrades who preceded us in this same struggle.

Today, we believe that it is necessary to dignify anarcho-syndicalism, to free it from the corruption and executivism that are found in various secretaries and committees whose have not only shamed their own but are further weakening anarcho-syndicalism, doing one more favor for Capital and the State.

It is worrying that these Secretaries and Committees of the CNT are using the same tools as the State to eliminate "dissidence" through judicial complaints and suits for huge amounts in compensation against several unions of the CNT-AIT. You can also notice the state strategy and the desire to apply a type of article 155. But with one difference - you can not occupy or supplant the unions they have sued because they do not have their own people to replace them. They ignore the protests of unions that still remain in the CNT against the decision to initiate judicial activities and bring huge lawsuits against anarcho-syndicalist unions. These unions also asked for explanations about the legitimacy of theses suits when people were not informed and the topic was not treated in the organization so that unions could give their opinions.

We continue to have allies in the comrades who suffer the actions of the Secretariat of the CNT and we will not break the ties of solidarity with those who we have always been in solidarity with, through all the union and social struggles which happened and will happen in the future. They will have our support and we are sure to receive the same when we need it.

The Confederal Bureaucracy, embodied today in the Executive Secretariat of the CNT (sic), will not succeed in destroying years of coordinated anarcho-syndical struggle between the different unions. We hope that these Secretariats will be held accountable before the unions that claim to represent and that they will have to change their functions, back to what they should be in an anarcho-syndicalist organization, instead od the current executive functions they assume without the mandate of the unions.

Further we declare our principles, tactics and purposes, to demonstrate that it is not the unions of the CNT-AIT, being sued that have broken the confederal pact, but on the contrary, it has been the Secretary of the CNT (sic), today an executive, and the Secretaries who have breached the principle of Federalism, It is they that have changed the functions entrusted to the Secretariats and Committees for the organization, have change how anarcho-syndicalism should work, into different, executive functions that are not allowed in its operation. We must once against reiterate our ideas, which we subscribe to and we are proud of, and the structural concepts of the anarcho-syndicalist organization collected through history and that we are trying to fulfill faithfully today. We are very aware of the importance of coherence between what is said and what is done.

What are we, what kind of organization and what world do we want?

We are Anarcho-Syndicalists

And we understand this form of organization as that which has emerged from the oppressed and exploited classes that aspire to destroy the established system and, through direct action, and anti-authoritarian organization, to dismantle the mechanisms of domination, putting all the means of production at the service of the workers. We act in the field of union activity because this is where the individual really feels economic exploitation, where class struggle takes place most clearly and can be taken up by the majority of workers.

- We are Anti-capitalists

Because anarcho-syndicalism is radically opposed to the system established by liberal capitalism or by state capitalism in all its variants ...

Capitalism, regardless of its present or future transformations, represents the economic exploitation derived from private ownership of the means of production and the subsequent capitalization of these by a few, regardless of whether the exploiters are represented individually or anonymously or collectively. The capitalism of the State for its part, appropriates property for the benefit of a privileged sector integrated into the State.

Both systems develop their institutions and their means of repression through the ruling class, through laws, the organs of justice, prisons, police, the army etc.

- We are Anti-statists

Because we conceive the State, as one that sacralizes the economic forms of exploitation through its estates, laws and repressive bodies of all kinds. Because it supports private ownership of the means of production and the market economy by maintaining the current system through repression and institutionalized terrorism.

Faced with the State, we propose the free federation of autonomous libertarian communes.

- We are Anti-militarists and Internationalists

Because it is necessary to overcome nation states and the concentration of power they represent. This brings us to the need to act on the international level together with the organizations related to the anarcho-syndicalism in other countries in order to maintain a common struggle on this front.

- We are Anti-sexists

Because we work to destroy the patriarchy, for the end of sexism and any descrimination for reason of gender or sexual orientation. We are convinced that there should not exist hierarchies between people because of their gender and we firmly reject any social or cultural imposition of roles. Each individual has to develop their own personality without prejudice to their gender or sexuality. We must flee from conventionalism that set a role for us to follow, to be „feminine” or „masculine”. We are fighting for a society in which any form of authority will be abolished. We want all people, regardless of their gender, to live, develop and have relations as equals and in freedom.

- We are against all forms of power

We are against all religions and churches as well as philosophical and ideological forms that oppose the critical development of the individual. We also manifest ourselves against any form of power that attacks nature and produces its degradation, thereby affecting the very balance of humanity in its environment.

- We are Federalists

Understanding this as the nexus of free and solidary federation,without authoritarianism or coercion of all the economic groups and the general relation of humanity that permits the basic functions of social life in all its aspects.

We consider this nexus as an essential principle that must govern the structural and internal functioning of the organization, thus guaranteeing freedom and the decision-making equality of individuals and trade unions integrated into the organization. Given its non-hierarchical structure and its federalist content, we reject any type of leadership function, as well as the figure of charismatic leaders.

Federalism is not a decentralization of central power, or having different power on different levels, but having a type of organizational structure that impedes any type of centralism.

- We are Solidary

We understand solidarity and mutual aid as something that fuses collective action in the pursuit of the common good of the whole society.

- We are Defenders of Direct Action

Direct action is the only kind that can be assumed by our militancy. The anti-authoritarian vision of history, the new ethics of personal and non-transferable responsibility, the sovereign character that we ascribe to the human person to determine their destiny, leads us to reject any form of mediation or renunciation of freedom and individual initiative and collective in seconds or third parties, no matter who they are leaving all the power of decision.

We understand direct action not as the individual and isolated action of the person, but as the collective and solidary action of all workers to solve their problems in front of the individuals who hold power or their intermediaries. And this group of workers will be in charge at all times of arbitrating the means to apply this direct action in the way that the group or assembly considers most appropriate in each case, provided that it does not go against the very essence of the organization.

This direct action ultimately leads us to reject parliaments, parliamentary elections and referendums, all institutions that are the key to intermediation.

In the field of economic claims and for the same reasons, we reject all types of arbitration between capital and labor, as mixed juries, arbitration commissions, etc., manifesting in favor of the free and direct confrontation of capital and labor. It is for all that has been said, in short, that we reject the State in all its forms.

These are the ideas and force that lead us in this project of union organization and the future society we are fighting for.

Comrades, our aspirations, objectives and attempts to see justice for humanity are constantly harassed and criminalized by Capital and the State. Where they see that these ideals and forms of organization gain strength, in the different movements, they act together for their integration into the system or, if this is not possible, for their disarticulation by whatever means necessary.

This is also what happened on that May 1, 1886 and it will continue to happen as long as we continue to allow it.

At present, trade unionism and worker mobilization leaves much to be desired. Institutional unions and other political formations, comfortable in their niches of power, convey to society that structural unemployment, job insecurity or corruption is inevitable and necessary. And they do it because this is what they live of, with the consent of Capital and the State.

We assume that their shameful enrichment and their survival lies largely in the degree of consciousness, organization and struggle acquired by the exploited.

It is time to dignify what trade unionism is, it is time to spread the anarchistic ideal further, and we believe that the best way to do this is to strengthen the anarcho-syndical organization.

We will finish with the slogan of the International Workers' Association, an organization which the CNT-AIT has been part of since 1922 and which well defines the anti-delegateist and anti-executivist message that we adhere to:

„The emancipation of the workers will be the act of the workers themselves, or it won't be at all.”

For Anarchy and for Anarchosyndicalism as a tool to achieve it!!

No, it is not for a crime that they condemn us to death, it is for what has been said here: they condemn us to death for anarchy, and since we are condemned for our principles, I scream very loudly: I'm an anarchist!

I despise them, I despise their order, their laws, their power, their authority. Hang me for it!
(Louis Lingg)


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May 4 2018 08:36


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Juan Conatz
May 4 2018 14:31

This is like if someone gave a birthday toast, but then dedicated a third of the toast towards the guy you got in a bar fight with last summer.

May 4 2018 16:42

No. This is actually like people who are being sued for huge amounts of money reminding libertarians of their current situation. If you were also facing a similar situation, which includes personal liability and possible jail for those who cannot pay, I don't think you'd appreciate stupid or callous comments made in response.

May 5 2018 17:29
akai wrote:
No. This is actually like people who are being sued for huge amounts of money reminding libertarians of their current situation. If you were also facing a similar situation, which includes personal liability and possible jail for those who cannot pay, I don't think you'd appreciate stupid or callous comments made in response.

This is actually like you say something but you do not applicate to your self

Nota de Prensa

" la AIT expulsó a la CNT de sus filas y le negó el derecho a portar sus iniciales."
"the AIT expelled the CNT from its ranks and denied it the right to carry its initials."

If is so easy for you to say this why is so dificult to understand:

" la CNT expulsó a unos sindicatos de sus filas y le negó el derecho a portar sus iniciales."
"the CNT expelled some unions from its ranks and denied him the right to carry his initials"

Please stop to cry, is not so difficult to stop to use what is not yours. Remember that the fact that this unions are using with out having the right to do it the name of CNT is having legal consequences for CNT.

May 6 2018 11:03

One question, why don't you put an intro to the text and explain to the people that the the IWA section in Tarragona went to the first of may of a group expelled from CNT because they sign massive dismissals?

Also you could explain the agreement of this group with the Catalan government to give the CNT historical documentation to the Catalan government. Nice anarchist you go with, the ones that they are against the government and at the same time they give the historical CNT documentation stolen by the fascist during the civil war, to the Catalan government.

May 6 2018 12:38

First, note this is not my text, but from a press conference I took part in. Yes, the IWA says that you are not the CNT-AIT because you breached the statutes of the IWA. You also breached the statutes of the CNT.

We don't think that the use of the proper initials "CNT-AIT" by that organization constitutes any legal threat to your organization as it is a separate entity. Some of its organizations (which you are suing) have their own separate registration number, as well the entire federation. It is nobody's intent to pass themselves off as you. I am very positive that they would be preferred not to have anything to do with you.

In France there exist CNT-AIT, CNT, CNT France and CNT-SO.

In Spain, the organization you mention (as so terrible) is also mentioned by your CNT as an organization they'd like to integrate back into CNT and they have been using the CNT name for decades. We don't see you suing them, even though by your logic you should.

Instead you sue individuals and an anarchist organization, mainly for slander, but sit here anonymously as a slanderer.

In any case, as your CNT has continuously refused to talk through issues and prefers the tactics it prefers, for sure you'll see me in court sooner or later where, to be sure, everything will be carefully scrutinized. I don't have faith in the state's courts but at least all the legal arguments will be presented.

In the meanwhile, as you can expect, I'm not staying quiet and I'm not crying. You can check the Internet for a new statement today and just so you know, they'll keep on coming until you stop your attacks.

May 6 2018 13:58

1° Spain is not France, Spanish law say very clear that can exist 2 different organizations using the same or similar name, in the past a group that left PCE they call them self as PC and the court obligate them to change name because create confusion. Now a days they are PCPE.

2° if you leave a organization you have to stop to use it name. As you say in your communication, CNT is not in IWA so can't use AIT. So the se argument, spanish IWA section is not in CNT so can use CNT acronim.
You say it in your communication very clear, let's see how you explain it in the court...

3° let see how you explain in the court that you were working against a IWA section being the secretariat of IWA.

4° you only have the option to make public statements and noise in internet, crying all the time, because is the only thing you have. This unions are out of CNT, they don't have sindicalistas action and presence in workplaces, the Spanish section of IWA is not even able to join all the unions that left CNT, farther more, slowly this groups are closing like in Huelva.

5° if the Spanish section of IWA is CNT as you say, why when there is any legal issue the responsable of it is the general secretary of CNT and not the coordinator of Granada?

6° the ones that negotiate with the Catalan government were the ones that organice that 1 of may. Is funny to see all of you so happy together, when this I'm writing was the speach till 2 years a go of your friends of the Spanish section of IWA.

7° the statutes of CNT is a issue of CNT members, not of you, but your vertically way of thinking take you as IWA secretariat to judge from up what others organizations can or can't do.

You only have internet to continue your bullshits. Because in the streets and workplaces you have nothing to do.

May 6 2018 14:13

I have plenty to do in streets and workplaces and am busy all the time with this, despite your distractions and attempts to convince people otherwise. I am sure you will hear what I have to say in courts and please be certain that I am very confident of it. Your organization did not win with the CNT Catalunya and lost the first two cases against CGT, eventually winning because the CNT-U broke the statutes. Just like your faction broke the statutes of the CNT-AIT. So actually, yes, these statutes are an issue for your members to consider since breaking statutes can have consequences, as the CGT knows.

The Spanish section of the IWA is the CNT-AIT. Different from you who decided to drop AIT.

Actually, it seems that your greatest chances lie in the state's defense and I am sure the state prefers those who function within in laws. Nonetheless, not following your own statutes might come back to haunt you.

May 6 2018 14:18

The one that is expelled or leave the union stop to be CNT, that the main reason why CGT loose in the court, now tell me who was expelled and who left CNT.

Speaking about statutes, where say in IWA statutes that you can give support to expelled unions of a section against a section of IWA?

May 6 2018 14:21
" la AIT expulsó a la CNT de sus filas y le negó el derecho a portar sus iniciales."
"the AIT expelled the CNT from its ranks and denied it the right to carry its initials."

If is so easy for you to say this why is so dificult to understand:

" la CNT expulsó a unos sindicatos de sus filas y le negó el derecho a portar sus iniciales."
"the CNT expelled some unions from its ranks and denied him the right to carry his initials"

You didn't explain how you are able to say something and then do the opposite.

I'm going to buy popcorn for when you have to explain this in the court.

May 6 2018 16:14

It's very easy. If CNT expelled unions from its ranks in an anti-statutory way or as part of a political purge, it is not at all clear that it should retain those initials, and certainly its own actions mean it is not CNT-AIT, which is a separate entity from whatever else may exist in Spain.

The CGT lost in court because it broke the statutes of the CNT. You also broke the statutes, so ...

Have fun.