SPGB: utopian or scientific? The fallacy of the overwhelming minority - Harold Walsby

Harold Walsby

Harold Walsby's analysis and critique of the Socialist Party of Great Britain. Reproduced for reference.

This concluding appeal from an article by “S.W.C.” is typical of much Socialist propaganda. It is typical also of the many tacit admissions that the S.P., during nearly half-a-century of strenuous propaganda, has failed to make any real impression on the working class anywhere in the world - has failed, in short, to make any real progress.
Now the SPGB -loudly and consistently proclaims from the housetops its scientific basis, its scientific method and attitude. Thus, in the Party pamphlet "Socialism and Religion", we are told:
"The word Socialist, rightly understood, implies one who on all such questions takes his stand on positive science, explaining all things by purely natural causation. (p.46).
Anyone who had the slightest justification for that claim would not hesitate for one moment, in the face of such signal lack of success of theory, to overhaul their whole theoretical position - to examine in the light of scientific criticism and rigorous logic their most dearly held and confident assumptions.
But the SPGB completely ignores this practical aspect of its theoretical position.

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  • If the workers are already capable of "judging all things" for themselves (including, of course, the Socialist case) then we may legitimately ask why, in view of the fact that "every prerequisite is already in the hands of society", the working class is not already Socialist

    Harold Walsby


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Harold Walsby. waste of kb.