Table of Contents

Submitted by ludd on December 29, 2010

Shitting Heads
intro & editorial by primitivo morales, et. al.

from our readers

Looting: A Martian Analysis
comic by h. d'andrade

Out Of Line at the Earth Summit: A Processed Diary
report from the earth summit in rio de janeiro, by jon christensen, w/ jeremy narby & glen switkes

Nine Guides to Saving the Planet (Not!)
book reviews by jon christensen

Owning Ideas: A Debate
a debate on intellectual property rights, by jon christensen & primitivo morales

A Shit Raiser Speaks!
interview with Judi Bari, by chris carlsson & med-o

Processed Shit: Capitalism, Racism & Entropy
analysis by adam cornford

Thrifters: Second-Hand Shit
fiction by marina lazzara

by dale w. russell, richard osborn hood,
muriel karr, john m. bennett, d.s.
black, dave linn, edward mycue,
richard wool, david fox, scott c.
holstad & jack evans

God's Work
tale of toil: supervising the mentally hanicapped, by jeff kelly

Confessions of a Sperm Donor
tail of toil by iguana mente

The Let's Get small Press Department,
'zine reviews by d.s. black

American Dream
review of american dream, a video about the hormel strike, by chris carlsson

The Productivity Work-Over
review of juliet b. schor's the overworked american, by mickey d.

A River's Revenge: Surrealist Implications of the Chicago Flood
by the chicago surrealist group

fiction by david alan goldstein

* creative employment opportunities
* macotage
* time thieves corner
* and more!

Avon Calling: From Hell!
tale of toil: avon factory, by donald phillips

Rustbelt Archipelago
analysis by p.m., zurich, switxerland

satirical poem by primitivo morales (apologies to e.a. poe)

What Work Matters?
analysis by chris carlsson