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Submitted by ludd on December 29, 2010

Splicing Heads: "New Technology" Again
introductory editorial

from our readers

My Best Job
tale of toil: research assistant, by kwazee wabbitt

The Quest For Microwavable Pasta, & Other Vital Needs
tale of toil: biotech secretary, by robin wheatworth

Greenwashing Agricultural Biotechnology
analysis by tom athanasiou

Generation X(cerpt): I Am Not A Target Market
fiction excerpt by douglas coupland

Genetic Engineering Pioneer
interview with marco schwarzstein, by chris carlsson

Bar Raps
prose poem by marina lazzara

People's Ambulance Chaser
tale of toil: paralegal, by r.l. tripp

by nathan whiting, marc olmsted, alan mendoza, d.s. black, mbundu, blair ewing & art tishman

Pissing In The Gene Pool
analysis by primitivo morales

Castro's Genes
a look at cuban health care, by michael dunn

ward valley nuke dump report, by lili ledbetter
brazilian environmental activists speak out, by joao de castro ribeiro
popular video in wake of the persian gulf war, by deep dish tv

We Don't Gotta Show You No Stinkin' Gene Screens!
interview with dr. paul billings, by shelley diamond & greg williamson

Shadowboxing The Future
analysis by sam bulova

REVIEWS: You Might Not Count in the New Order:
review of douglas coupland's generation x, by d.s. black
review of pat murphy's the city, not long after, by chris carlsson
review of mondo 2000, by d.s. black
review of science as culture, by primitivo morales
review of karen brodine's woman sitting at the machine, thinking, by
marina lazzara

Reproductive Rights Rant
by angela bocage

This is a pro-choice poem
poem by paula orlando

Temporary Coding
tale of toil: legal temp, by mickey d.